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NEW Collection drops soon! || Worldwide Shipping || AfterPay

LIGHT RING: Ajax Turquoise Nugget

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Design:  Light Rings are daintier with a slimmer band and open back to allow the gem’s light to shine.

Stone:  This jewel features a natural untreated AjaxTurquoise semi raw nugget, mined in Esmerelda,Nevada, USA. The Ajax mine is known for producing excellent bi-color turquoise nuggets ranging from very dark green to a beautiful blue, usually with a caramel coloured matrix similar to Royston. 

Material:  Crafted by hand in Sterling & Fine Silver.

Size: 8.5

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TURQUOISE is found within all regions of the world where sacred and important teachings stem from. Where the blue ray of Father Sky and green ray of Mother Earth commune, Turquoise holds one of the most profound healing vibrations available to us. As a Throat Chakra stone it empowers us to access and share our deepest wisdom, recognising we all have something to contribute to the collective. Turquoise opens us to our purity, clarity & truthful voice ~ the pathway to the voice of the feminine spirit.  

Loving ~ Peaceful ~ Wholeness ~ Unity ~ Truth ~ Clarity